NAGA tournament

This weekend I participated in my first ever submission grappling tournament in Fairfield, CT. There were probably about 20 of us from Team Savage (www.savagefighter.com) that attended, although some just came to support and not to fight. All and all the day was fantastic, and the team really came together as a family.

For myself, the day was entirely hectic. I went to the tournament, then left to go take a police agility test, then went right back to the tournament and jumped in to compete after running a mile and a half. My stress and anxiety level was just through the roof, so much so that I was tired as even as I was stepping onto the mat for the first time. By 30 seconds into the first fight, I was completely exhausted, and my arms felt like someone pressure-pumped jello into my arms.

So here are my fights for your viewing pleasure. I added subtitles to explain when we were awarded points so hopefully someone that isn't familiar with the sport can understand whats going on. Basically in this game you win by points at the end of the round, or a submission. Submissions overrule points. If it is tied at the end of the round, there is an overtime round of one minute. Matches last four minutes.

At the end of the day I ended taking third place in my division.

This first fight is a little boring, because I spend a lot of time playing defensively, but there is a cool takedown in the first 30 seconds.

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My second fight is pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy.

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Alright, this one I lose. I didn't bother with keeping track of score because not only did he submit me, and basically dominated the entire fight. Enjoy my defeat...

This is my last fight and it's a good thing, cause I'm exhausted. Watch for the subtitles because there is a lot of back and forth scoring here; it's actually a really interesting fight.

Not bad for the first time out!



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A nasty throw


The Age of the Earth

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Age of the Earth Seminar- By Dr. Kent Hovind

In my previous post, I talked about literal scientific evidence that indicates God exists and created this earth and all that is in it. If your curious, this video is a good place to start. It is a seminar from Dr. Kent Hovind where he discusses the evidence of the impossibility that the earth is billions of years old, and that the timeline in the Bible is scientifically supported. This seminar will absolutely blow your mind. The video isn't great, but it's the best I could do. If your going to watch it all the way through, get comfy...it's about 2 hours. But I promise you won't be disappointed, and it could forever change how you view the world, society, and yourself.
I know if vloggerland this video is way too long, but consider that this could be the most important topic that you ever contemplate. Think about it. If the Bible is literally accurate and true, what does that mean for us?
Giving scientific evidence to prove a literal six-day creation, Dr. Kent Hovind refutes evolution's proposition that the earth has evolved over billions of years. The first of seven in the seminar series, The Age of the Earth, uncovers the follies of the Big Bang theory as well as exposing the religious beliefs of evolution.
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Is there a God?

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This is my very first vlog where I am talking into the camera, and let me tell you it was quite an experience. I must have attempted my speech 10 times before I could actually get rolling on it. Hopefully it will get easier with time. This vlog is in response to Anthony's project, ConversationGod.com. The postings on the site thus far ask several questions about the big "why(s)" of life. Why is there suffering? Why are specific actions considered sin? Why do bad things happen to good people? In my own way, I attempt to address those issues - or at least direct them in certain directions. It's a little long, but it was difficult to condense 20+ years of thoughts, feelings, and experiences into a short monologue. Running time 12:57.


"The Savage" gets caught

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This is one of those funny moments that just happened to get captured on permenant record that for one person is disconcerting, and for the other - it is his moment of glory.

Here, tough-as-nails MMA (mixed martial arts) instructor Randy "The Savage" Rowe gets caught sleeping by his student, Rich.


Bored at home

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Once you have kids, ya gotta be creative sometimes to entertain yourself...